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Elevate your online presence with custom website design tailored to your business. Great website design strikes a delicate balance between aesthetics, user experience, functionality, and strategic objectives. It plays a pivotal role in not only attracting and engaging visitors but also in converting them into customers.

The Power of Strong Website Design

Brand Consistency & First Impressions

Your website serves as the initial interaction with your brand, shaping visitors' perceptions. Ensuring a cohesive design reinforces your brand identity and establishes trust and credibility.

Ease of Use & Mobile-Friendly

A user-friendly design guarantees easy navigation, facilitating seamless interactions for visitors across all devices. Optimising your site for mobile enhances user experience on various screen sizes.

Search Engines Love It

Implementing a well-structured, user-friendly design not only enhances user experience but also boosts your site's visibility in search engine results. Quality content and technical proficiency further contribute to higher rankings.

Check out some of my website projects

Rocketspark Websites

My website builder of choice is Rocketspark, a user-friendly platform for creating professional websites and online stores. Rocketspark, a reputable New Zealand-based website builder, streamlines the process of delivering exceptional custom designs. With its code-free framework, I can maximise your budget by prioritising design and user experience. Plus Rocketspark is well-liked by the Google Search ranking algorithm, making it easier to get found.

From creative design to Google rankings, I've got you covered, ensuring your website looks and performs its best across all devices. I can even incorporate animations to captivate your audience, adding a visually dynamic touch.

Kind Words

Creative Current has skilfully created a visual narrative that warmly welcomes visitors into Atelier Joli's cosy space. The design, with its soft hues, approachable vibe, and easy-to-navigate layout, offers a smooth journey through the site. It encourages visitors to explore the menu, check out the co-working space, or just enjoy the ambiance.

This website stands as proof of Creative Current's knack for blending aesthetics with functionality in a way that captivates and delights. It's a stylish yet practical space, making every visit enjoyable and every return a pleasure.

Rocketspark Websites

Website Design and Build Process


Our journey begins with an initial meeting where we dive into your goals and aspirations for your website.

Visual Design

Next, I establish a compelling visual design that reflects your brand identity. This design will be carried consistently across all pages, ensuring a unified and memorable browsing experience. Starting with a homepage concept for your for feedback and approval.

Content Integration

With the visual identity in place, I move on to the exciting phase of designing and loading content for the main menu pages and supplementary pages. This is where your website truly takes shape. I strongly recommend investing in professional photography for your website to achieve a consistent and polished visual presence.

Mobile Optimisation and SEO

For seamless performance on smartphones and tablets, alongside Google SEO for enhanced visibility.

Launch Day

The moment we've all been waiting for! Your website goes live.

The journey doesn't end here; I’m here to support your website's ongoing success and growth.

Ready to ride the digital currents of success?

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